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1 Maio 2010 às 13:25

por Ana Roque

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Two New Reports Assess Use of Government Websites

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NewsBreak: Two New Reports Assess Use of Government Websites fonte:

“Descer o défice com subida dos impostos não é sustentável” fonte:
Jean-Philippe Cotis, antigo economista-chefe da OCDE, diz em entrevista que a prioridade tem de ser cortar as despesas.

Apple: Welcome to Gaming - Games Feature at IGN fonte:
A look at Apple's past and present gaming dabbles and what iPad means for gaming in the future.

Messenger Connect: A New API Strategy for Microsoft to Build its Own Social Graph fonte:
The new Windows Live Messenger Steve Ballmer previewed in Brazil today represents again how a loosely joined ecosystem is developing in the cloud computing world. They are growing through a network of service providers connected through open API's.

How to Avoid Making PowerPoint Your Enemy: Tips for Your Pitch Deck fonte:
The idea that PowerPoint is evil is not new. But on Monday, the New York Times rekindled discussions about the pitfalls of its use during presentations when it published a story on the U.S. military titled "We Have Met the Enemy and He Is PowerPoint."


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