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APIs Power the Internet of Things

Publicado dia 13/02/2020 às 04:29

We live in a Web 3.0 era. Cloud computing, mobile devices, enormous bandwidth capacity, and the Semantic Web have ushered in the next age of the WWW. The Web is nearly 10,000 days old now, and the predictions of Kevin Kelly (and others) have come true. The Web is now one, enormous, global computer. Our devices %u2014 be them phones, tablets, TVs, watches, glasses, etc. %u2014 are all portals into this single supercomputer, known as the Web. In the 9,215 days since the Web was invented, lightning-fast Internet access, widespread adoption of cloud computing, and everyday examples of the Semantic Web like Siri and Google Now have made Web 3.0 a reality. The most impactful change that has happened since Kelly’s Ted talk in 2007, where he predicted our current reality, has been the massive explosion of mobile devices. We were starting to see it then, but not like we are today.

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